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New Software Products for Business Analysis

Brijit is moving to Microsoft Office 365

by Jean Marshall on 06/21/13

In order to have very good collaboration ability and some mobility we have decided to make our move to Office 365.  We didn't expect to want to move to Office 2013 so soon, but discovered some excellent reasons to do so.

We'll right more about it soon...


Getting Started with Models that Empower your Quickbooks or Other Financial Data

by Jean Marshall on 08/20/10

A blog writer recently said, "Pay attention to  business, and notice how  drastically it has changed the way it reaches out to customers; try to determine why those changes were made. ... It will also help you determine the best ways to change and adapt your own business."

quoted from Max Berry blog

We are working on some great new models that streamline the pricing/costing/quotations process, as well as provide for great budgeting forecasting.  You can quickly determine your cash requirements with just altering a few variables, once you rough in your data.  Then as you tune the model, you are able over a short period to derive reporting results that make a difference to your business everyday.  These models are being tested and in use by clients.  At the present time, we use these applications with our clients.

Do you know when the price is right?  The market often determines the price, but what happens to your business performance in the meantime?  We have models that determine what your price ought to be, how long it takes to payback working capital investment, and what you can do besides raising your price to get your business back into working order.

We can remote in Quickbooks and use ODBC client to transfer data to Excel and Access  to create reporting from models that give enormous power to financial data.  If you are a startup business or a continuing business it's time to get the power from your data and put it to use.  But best of all, our price is right.  We make sure we are affordable and comfortable to work with.

Brij Consulting has IT affiliations that can help us meet the challenges of data from small, medium and large clients.  The building blocks we used have met the challenges of large and small companies alike.  With more than 20+ years in industry, we have accomplished many different tasks using big ERP systems and small to medium size legacy and various types of company wide systems.

If you want to start a business today,  we can help.  We do accounting, planning and analysis.  You might want to take a look at some new media variations on the business horizon.  Here are some ballpark ideas:

Just to ballpark and see what is readily available, let's look at Quickbooks online and Quickbooks Pro software that you purchase from an office supply store or directly from Intuit. (See icon on our site.)

From $700 to $2300 you can invest in your startup business hardware and software requirements,

Here are some links for getting started with Quickbooks.  Mobile use of Quickbooks is expanding with the online version which may be perfect for certain businesses on the go. 

If you need mobile access to Quickbooks for billing, time and expense and other applications (you can access your books from certain cell phones)

System requirements here for online and purchased software:

 Get started with a business plan,

   Call Brij Consulting at (724)316-5617

Who should use SAAS?  Read our next entry...

New Software Enhances Business Analysis

by Jean Marshall on 04/25/10

There are many new and exciting products in the Marketplace that enable Business Analysis even for the small to midsize company.  Many of these new products are known as SAAS or subscribed software.  Called Software As A Service, businesses subscribe to the service monthly or on an annual plan.  For various types of business applications, this may be a very good approach, while for some types of applications it may seem a bit risky.

A recent article in shows that Pep Boys are using SAAS software to produce their budget, which for their various retail outlets was a cumbersome use of Excel spreadsheets prior to subscribing to a product that enabled them to budget online and maintain the approval and consolidation process.  This seems to us to be a good use of the services available.

Another use of subscribed software is related to industry comparisons for ratios and other analytical use.  Products compatible with your software through API gateways or ODBC upload can enable your data to be available to you online for these purposes.  For some this may seem uncomfortable, and the use of a particular company's servers and security, stability and reputation can be a serious matter.  However, I am a fan of coding and if data is not too revealing it can be very helpful to enable members of the company to update budget xxxyyy.  On the other hand, some companies are not so concerned but should take care of privacy matters carefully. 

Some of these companies offer special small business packages to Quickbooks clients and are available at the Intuit Marketplace.  Their security measures and other information is available, some with endorsements. 

Another excellent SAAS service is offered by Ariba to enable companies to procure materials and services at the best price.  Many large companies obtain competitive pricing in this manner, and this also seems to be a good use of the new types of applications available.  This would also aid in the formulation of cost projections and forecasts.

Brij Consulting does not endorse a particular brand nor do we suggest to clients that SAAS is their best alternative.  Some companies prefer Sharepoint because it maintains their data on their own server and purchase the applications rather than use a subscribed service.  But we are sure that eventually hybrids will appear that enable clients to have the freedom of not maintaining large software applications and only subscribe to applications that they need (and perhaps for only the period in which they are required.)

For more information on this valuable topic, please contact Brij Consulting (contact).  Let us assist you with your Business Analysis and IT requirements to enhance your processes and improve your financial performance.

See Links Below referenced in Article:

 Pep Boys Does Budgeting for Less

 Intuit Marketplace

Microsoft at Work

 Get started with one of our models!  We will give you access to our models and work with you to get the most out of your business.  We can help with accounting, analysis, pricing, costing and cash forecasting.  We tell our clients how to make the most of the resources they have.  Our models are affordable and made in such a modular way as to expand for bigger businesses and resize to small or medium size business.  Our clients say they are most impressed with the ease of setting just a few parameters, and getting results they can begin to work with.  We will work with you in a manner that protects your data and security and eases your mind.

Call us now! (724) 316-5617, and we'll be glad to start you on the path to cash earnings you weren't thinking about.

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  • Specialty Accounting and  Analysis to             measure your performance

  • Cost Design Management that integrates            drivers for client business specifications

  • Budgeting with customized data extraction from major financial software applications

  • Enhanced Reporting using customized templates and models that reveal key metrics

  • Integrating Metrics with pricing and business          performance criteria improving your margins

  • Business Friendly relationship with Intuit product  design and affiliates for  secure services online.

  • For startup businesses we recommend Quickbooks products and Quickbooks Enterprise (for midsize companies) as a very good integrated product that allows the business to grow.   We work with many tools and products but Quickbooks gets a new business off to a running start...
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